Who are we really? … we are so much more than a body, mind, personality and identity that started from just two cells (how miraculous is that in itself). Being real means owning that we are intuitive, multidimensional and amazing co-creators. That we each have real and unique gifts, skills and talents that are to be utilised and shared.

We are each born with a unique genetic blueprint and intelligence that provides us with all that we need, not just to survive – but to thrive. What ‘happens’ to us can be viewed simply as feedback from our environment to stay in or get in alignment… . and yes, sometimes ‘bad’ things are vital elements of aligning – burdens can become blessings with aligned perspective.

The more we are aligned (or the less we interfere) with the blueprint, the greater love, ease, wealth, health and joy we can experience – it is not a matter of hard work – it is a matter of being ALIGNED.

Is who you are being and what you are doing, aligned with your unique purpose, gifts and talents?

We are all profoundly conditioned by our upbringing and environment (parents, education, society, culture, religion, media, authorities, genetics, ancestry … even our diet) that we forget who we really are. You are not broken. You are not wrong. You are not helpless or hopeless. You are simply wanting to be more like you. It can often all feel a bit overwhelming. We are living in an important stage of human evolution, plus with technology changing so rapidly and vast amount of information bombarding us from all directions, we may no longer know who or what to do or be. We can no longer really follow in the footsteps of our parents, caregivers or even those who came before us.

To thrive, not just survive – and to navigate this new territory, you need to really know yourself. You need to know who you are and be aligned with who you are and what is correctly aligned with you.

We are each unique and needed. You ARE a valuable contribution simply by being you. Stop trying to be like someone else – be yourself. Align with your genius that IS already aligned with your purpose and dreams.

Realigning requires fiercely loving honesty WITH gentle forgiving tenderness and a sense of humour. No matter what you choose, or what chooses you, whether it is a success or a failure, depends on one thing …
Are you ALIGNED?

Theory is great
Doing is better

Your key to change

Courses with tools and workbooks to help embody and align

You ARE an important piece of the puzzle

Take your place in the world – your uniqueness, gifts and alignment is needed

Keep it simple

Life can seem complex, however there are much simpler basics to live by


One of the most vital skills to learn today is how to connect with and trust our intuition. Without unwrapping the intuitive gifts we are all born with, it is difficult to align with what is true and correct for you.
My courses help you understand the many different type of intuitive gifts so that you can discover yours. There is little value in doing it how others do it – you need to discover YOUr gifts and how YOU are best to access and utilise them.


We are each born with a unique design or blueprint. When we understand and know even the outline of what that is, it is like having a map, making it easier to align our choices and actions with our unique blueprint.


All relationships show us how we are interacting with the world. They reflect back to us where and how we are in or out of alignment. As pets are evolving from domesticated animals to family, children or partners – our relationship with them is also evolving.

Pets are wholehearted mirrors – showing through their misbehaviour, illness and accidents where and how we are out of alignment. Yes, if your cat or dog is toileting in your work shoes, you better ask yourself if you are pissed off or shitty about work! They are that literal. The bonus two-for-one here is … that when we realign what is out of alignment within ourselves … our pets also realign and get better.