Be real. Be yourself. Realign your empowered intuitive self.

Intuition is vital. Our world is changing. Humans are changing. We are navigating new territory and new ways of being.

Looking back in history for answers and following the footsteps of those who came before us, is not going to serve us moving forward. We need to find new solutions. Yet with so much coming at us from all directions – how do we know what is the real issue? How do we know what is true and what is not?

You can consult the internet, with all its information and misinformation, to find answers …. or you can consult your inNernet (intuition) with all its wisdom to find your answers. There are many truths. You need your inNernet to navigate the internet so you know what is true and correct for you.

It is natural to feel confused and overwhelmed. As many are also feeling called to step up, be more conscious and live in different ways – but what does that mean …. and what does it mean specifically for you?


We are each born with profound innate intelligence. Designed with unique creativity, knowledge and gifts to help us navigate our lives plus genius, skills and talents to contribute and share with others Although in many ways we are similar we are also each profoundly unique, so not all formulas, systems or processes work the same or even work at all for everyone . We ‘work’ and ‘operate’ differently, so align with ways correct for you, rather than contorting yourself to the ways of others.

To align with your direction and make true and correct action requires aligning with your inner guidance, power and esteem – the parts of you connected to all that you are and all that is. Your in-tuition – your inner teaching and instruction

Real Self

It is easy to forget or be confused about who we really are. We are profoundly either aligned or entangled by our upbringing and environment – parents, education, society, culture, religion, media, authorities, genetics, ancestry … our traumas and experiences… even our diet.

Our amazing miraculous bodies are constantly realigning towards health – even illness is a realignment. We are not just fives sensory beings (see, hear, smell, taste, touch) we are multi-sensory and multi-dimensional beings capable of much more than we have been taught to believe.

Realigning Self

Intuition is intricately interwoven with self-empowerment and self-esteem. To trust and follow your intuition you need empowered esteem. How are you going?

Do you consciously make empowering choices?
Are your choices aligned with your higher or greater self?
Do you hear … let alone listen to you intuition?
Is your self-esteem strong enough to follow your intuition – to follow something that may make no logical sense, go against the ‘norm’, or the belief or wishes of others?
How is your energy – do you have enough power to take action?

Alignment sees success in failures, wisdom in mistakes and gifts in problems . Alignment is the universe unfolding FOR you and conspiring WITH you.

It does not matter what you do or who you are – it matters that you are ALIGNED with it.

REALigning SELF courses provide you with the tools, techniques, learning and knowledge to help you connect with your inner compass – so that you can navigate and be aligned with your truth and the truth of who you are. Why… because…

…. to develop self-esteem and self-empowerment – you need to listen, trust and follow your intuition and alignment!

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One of the most vital skills to learn today is how to connect with and trust our intuition. Without unwrapping the intuitive gifts we are all born with, it is difficult to align with what is true and correct for you.

Learning how you do it is more valuable than learning how others do it. Our courses provide information, tools and techniques that help you discover and understand YOUR many types of intuition and how YOU can best utilise them.


We are each born with a unique design or blueprint. When we understand and know even the outline, it is like having a map. Once we have the map we know which roads to take which make it easier to align our choices and actions with our unique blueprint.


Relationships provide us feedback and show us how we are interacting in and with the world. Reflecting where and how we are in or out of alignment.

Pets are wholehearted mirrors – showing through their misbehaviour, illness and accidents where and how we are out of alignment. Yes, if your cat or dog is toileting in your work shoes, you better ask yourself if you are pissed off or shitty about work! They are that literal.

Bonus two-for-one … when we realign ourselves – our pets realign.

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