Why Realign?
We are each designed containing ALL we need to fulfill our purpose here on earth – we are built for purpose!

We are each uniquely designed to experience our own version of abundance, joy and love . The further we ‘stray’ from our uniquness the more ‘negative feedback’ we experience through emotions, ill health, frustration, disappointment, bitterness , disappointment, depression and anxiety.

An aligned life is more a process of unfolding and unwrapping. This is not to you will always like what you unwrap or will not be challenged by what unfolds. Alignment is not flat lining. Life and health is a delicate and constant rebalancing of energies – cycles and patterns, ebbs and flows, peaks and troughs, losses and gains, failures and successes.
By being aligned within, you are able to navigate your way more gracefully and powerfully with what life brings to you.

Alignment may require unlearning or deconditioning, as we are generally brought up to be more like others, than ourselves. We are taught to be who we are not, becoming shadows of ourselves.

We learn to be who others want us to be, not who we truly are, such that we may have little sense of who we really truly are.

To realign with our design, blueprint or template is to be ourselves.

You have it all inside you. You do not need to go out and find it. You are NOT ‘wrong’ or ‘broken’. You do NOT need ‘fixing’. You simply need to REALign with YOU, to REALly appreciate and love all of who you are.

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Courses, tools and information to help you:

– strengthen your intuitive skills and gifts
– discover who you truly are
– align with your empowered awesome and gifted self
– learn how to navigate in the way that is best and right for you
– learn how to trust yourself and your life

Key to change

Theory is great, doing the work is better at creating change and why most courses have tools and workbooks.

You ARE an important piece of the puzzle

Take your place in the world, your uniqueness is needed.

Keeping it simple

Theory to keep the mind happy and simple tools and techniques to create the change.

Free Courses

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REALigning with Pets Online Course

REALigning with Pets

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Becoming yourSELF

What are you waiting for?


Being real about where you find yourself is the first step. What do you want for yourself and your life? What do you need to know?


Healing is one way to create a health. Ill health occurs when our “I” and “will” is misaligned or out of balance. Realigning can help you to become happier and healthier.

Be your SELF

We are conditioned by nature and nurture (genetics, parent’s upbringing, education and authority figures) which can lead us away from being who we truly are. We need to align with our higher self, or bigger SELF.

REALign today