Healing feels like it not has only lost it’s true potency, it has become something that implies there is something wrong with you, or that you are broken or need fixing. Even in alternative modalities it has become associated that your thinking is wrong , that you are being punished for your incorrect thinking or that you have brought it up on yourself. That it is your fault you are sick or need healing and that to be a complete person you need to deal with or go into deep analysis of your demons and wrong thinking. That symptoms are wrong and if you are not a so called ‘fully functioning’ human being, that there is something wrong with you.

I would like to throw out the word and concept of healing and present it simply as REALigning. That all happens FOR you, not to you. That you are not doing something wrong, that you are simply in the perfect place, time and situation to BE who you are meant to be. That every step on the path is taking you towards your REAL SELF and every step is to align or realign you with your purpose. Part of your purpose may be to get sick or be in an accident as only these types of situations can provide you with the resources, experience and learning that you required. Only these types of events or situations can take you out of the highly conditioned, controlling and limited field of others, to break free from the unreality of things that are not important or true for you, so you can to find yourSELF. Your true self. To become REAL about who you ARE and REALign with your authentic sovereign self.

How many stories have you heard from truly amazing people who have experience or endured what for many of us would consider horrific events and say they are most grateful or fortunate to have had this illness, life threatening disease, traumatic accident or life changing event. Why because they were life changing and it helped them realign and get real about with what was important for them and what they are truly capable of doing.

What if we viewed dis-abilities as distinct-abilities, providing focus on specific gifts, skills and talents that you have to share with the world.

I invite you to reconsider the way of the scientific and medical world that sees things like this as failure. To have less faith in the logical and more in the creative. To realise that the reality that we have been sold is not true reality. That their are infinite possibilities and opportunities, not just for others – for YOU also. I invite you to REALign with you your truly are, to algin with you higher and greater SELF, the part of you that is all knowing and capable of truly miraculous things, that are not only meant for you to create for yourself in this life, but for others also. To inspire, show the way, find a new way, change the status quo…. When you REALign SELF, you help realign the world.

You are a piece in the puzzle that, only you can fill. When you are attempting to be like others you are not showing your true colours and if you are not showing your true radiance and colours, the picture is incomplete, you feel out of place. Know that you do belong, and that belonging does not mean being more like everyone else, it means being more like YOU.

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