Healing can feel like a huge never ending process causing us to reject, deny or repress our need to look at our wounds, or feeling guilty, shameful or disconnected by the fact that we haven’t. There is actually nothing wrong with us. We are not broken. We do not need fixing. All life’s experiences are simply opportunities to realign. To align, be self empowered and joyous in who we are and live out our story.

Healing (whether in medical or alternate circles) has become associated with the thinking that there is something wrong, or that we are being punished for our incorrect thinking, or that we have brought it up on ourselves or are failing in some way, as medicine essentially equates death with failure, rather than liberation. That it in some way it is our fault we are sick. Do not take this to meant we are not in any way responsibile for our state of health. We do need to take good loving care of ourselves…. and this in many ways is where we get misaligned.

We have been lead to believe that if we are tough on ourselves we will be better people. But being critical, hard and tough with ourselves, does not make us better people – it makes us critical, hard and tough people! Where is the tender loving and compassionate person? Yes, to be a better person, we need to start by being better towards ourselves. To align all we need to do is love ourselves and our lives more.

I would like to present an alternative to healing, which is simply REALigning. That everything in life (so called good or bad) happens FOR you, not TO you. That you are not doing something wrong – you are in the perfect place, time and situation to BEcome who you are meant to be. That every step on the path (whether so called right or wrong) is taking you towards your REAL SELF and is aligning or realigning you with your purpose.

Part of your purpose may be to get sick, or be in an accident, as maybe only these situations can provide the catalyst. Events that wake you up, put you on your path to guide you to learn what you came to learn. These types of events or situations can take you out of the highly conditioned, controlling and limiting fields of others – to break free from the unreality of from things no longer important or true for you. All help you realign with your SELF – your truly powerful, resourceful and wise self. These events may guide you to becoming REAL about who you ARE and guide you to REALign with your authentic and sovereign self. Sometimes we need something big to stop us being what everyone else wants us to be and become who we want to be.

YET we do not have to wait for a big event to realign. The little things we do every day have far more influence on where we end up – so attend to the small stuff, align with what feels good, true and real for you in the moment… and you may not have to go through the big stuff to align. The secret is aligning with love. To align is to ask in those moments… “What would love do?”, “How can I love more?”

There are so many stories of amazing people who have experience or endured horrific events or health issues, who say they are grateful or fortunate to have had this illness, life threatening disease, traumatic accident. Why? Because these events were life changing and helped them realign or get real about what is important for them and what they are truly capable of.

What if we viewed all dis-abilities as distinct-abilities or all dis-eases as distractions from ease providing focus for specific gifts, skills and talents we are to master and share with the world?

I invite you to reconsider the perspective science and medicine provide of the world. To let go of our over reliance on reason, proof and facts and have more faith in the creative – imagination, possibility and knowing without having to explain. We truly do not know what is possible in this quantum world. We need to align with and realise the reality we have been sold – is not true reality. To sit comfortably with the question and allow the universe to answer, rather than succumbing to the pressure of having to solve or figure it out with our (limited) mind.

There are infinite possibilities and opportunities, for others AND for YOU also. I invite you to REALign with you your truly are, to algin with you higher and greater SELF, the part of you that is all knowing and capable of truly miraculous things. Things that are meant for you AND for others also. To inspire, show the way, find a new way, change the status quo…. When you REALign your SELF, you realign the world.

As a piece of the puzzle that only you fit into. Complete the picture and feel your true fit. We each have a place we belong and when you find that place you will know it. You can not find it if you keep attempting to jam yourself into a spot that is not quite right, a bit off colour, or a complete mismatch. Take your true place so that you can show up in your true radiance and colour and be supported by those around you who recognise you and feel complete because you are there. When you are not claiming your unique place, your AND our experience is like that of a jigsaw missing a piece – there is a hole where none of us can truly feel complete.

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