Hello and welcome

How amazing and wondrous it is – that who and what you are today all started from just two cells. These two cells then divide and differentiate, aligning with an unseen blueprint to create your human body and all that you are. How can we deny a greater intelligence within each of us? The seed that contains the whole – the energetic blueprint that contains all our form, purpose, design and story.

The more we align with this divine intelligence contained within us – and the less we interfere with this blueprint through trying to control, manipulate or make things happen – the greater ease, joy and health we can experience. An aligned life is a happier, healthier and easier life. I am not saying ‘bad’ things will no longer happen. Life’s losses and upsets will still happen, however when we are aligned we can transition through these phases in life more easily, with greater awareness and perspective.

At the core regardless of what you choose in life or what chooses you, whether it be deemed a success or failure, has a lot to do with one thing:

Are you ALIGNED with who you are are and what you are doing?

REALigning is an act of loving compassion . Being real – means being lovingly caring, honest and gentle with yourself. Having humour and finding ease in lifeand most importantly being forgiving, especially towards yourself.

REALigning is understanding at the core – that although felt personally, it is not personal. It is purely energy. When we interact with others and with our environment and events in our lives – it is energy that we bounce off, flow with, clash with or crash against.

I am here to guide and teach how you can realign with what is true and correct for you. You have ALL you need inside of you. You do not need to go out and find it, you need to go IN and remember it!

REALign with your divine SELF

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Courses, tools and information to guide you to:

– discover, develop and strengthen your intuitive skills and gifts
– align with your empowered and gifted self
– align with your purpose and life work
– know how you create true success and prosperity
– learn how to know what is best and aligned for and with you
– develop trust and faith in yourself and life

Key to change

Theory is great
Doing it is better
Tools and workbooks to help you embody and align

You ARE an important piece of the puzzle

Take your place in the world, your uniqueness and alignment is needed.

Keeping it simple

Life can be very complex, so the objective is give the mind just enough to be happy – so it can get out of the way!

REALigning JOY Online Course
JOY of being your SELF


Be honest (not critical or judgmental) about where you are. What do you want? What do you need to know?


Is Ill health due to “I” or “will” being misaligned so that you feel burnt out?
Realign with ease and respond in accordance to what is correct for you. Stop using will to make things to happen.

Be your SELF

We are conditioned by our parents, education, society, culture, religion, media, authorities, genetics, ancestry … even our diet. Many lead us away from being who we truly are. We are each unique, so stop trying to be like someone else – become and be yourSELF.

REALign today