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REALigning with Pets

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Course previously known as Tuning in with your pets

Pets see us for ALL of who we are, they see us at our so called best and worst and love us regardless. Pets open our hearts in ways few humans can. Pets remind us to play, love and not take life too seriously. They keep us real and grounded. Pets help us connect with nature and others.

Pets can help us to be more compassionate, patient and unconditional. They open our hearts. We feel safe with pets and we trust them with our tender and vulnerable nature. Pets make us better people, not because they tell or ask us, but because they inspire, guide and show us how to better people.

We can learn a lot from out pets, whether we see them as our companions, children, babies, partners, mirrors, guides, angels or confidants. Our pets show us where we have realigning to do. Where our wounds are , where we need to love ourselves, others and the world more. They can also teach us how we can gently and compassionately tend to them.

Would you like to have a deeper connection with your pet? …. and yourself?

What is covered?

🎁 Week 1- Intuition
Before we tune in we need to know what we are tuning in with . This week you will discover your unique intuitive gifts – you get to unwrap and use your gifts (you do not have to fit into someone else’s box)

  • The different types of Clair senses – Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and five less known clair senses
  • Nine other intuitive skills and gifts, including psychic, mediumship, channelling and others
  • Exercises to discover your keenest intuitive senses and intuitive gifts
  • More on the Knowing and Feeling intuitive senses
  • Are you an Empath?
  • Things to know and remember

🐶 Week 2 – Tuning In
How to create the connection and tune in with your pet

  • The role of the body in connection
  • How to zone in (tune in with yourself) before you tune in with your pet
  • Things to know and some common courtesies
  • Three simple methods and techniques to tune in with your pet
  • Additional tips and pointers to help find your way

🐱 Week 3 – Working with fears and doubts
Discover how to get past the scaredy cat stage. It is not about getting rid of them, it is about knowing how they work and understanding their sneaky tactics and why fears and doubts pop up – they will not go away – but they do not have to stop you.

  • Where our fears come form – How our childhood, societal and cultural conditioning can block our intuitive gifts
  • Five types of fears and how they stop you
  • The importance of being gentle, loving and forgiving with yourself

🐴 Week 4 – Getting the message
Additional tips, tricks and techniques to help you tune in and

  • What animals can teach us
  • Learn some (so called) backup techniques to help you develop trust or help when you feel you are not getting it or needs somewhere to start
  • Includes Kinesiology (muscled testing), Pendulum and other forms of testing
  • Create your own Oracle deck

🐮 Week 5 – Last Messages

  • Why asking are there any last messages is important
  • Do we interfere too much?
  • The many roles pets play
  • What to do when our pets is dying
  • Pets as mirrors – helping us realign

What you get…

  • Over eight hours of video (about an hour each week)
  • Weekly tools, tricks, techniques and helpful information
  • Weekly videos, workbooks, notes and handout slides
  • Quizzes – To help gauge where you are now and how far you have come in the five weeks

PLEASE NOTE: This version of the course does not include Live Q&A calls (although this may be mentioned in the videos). Live assistance is now provided in the Intuitive course.