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REALigning with Pets

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Pets are angels that have traded their wings for fur ….unless your pet is a bird! And just like angels, pets can show us the way, however they cannot do the work for us.

Pets help us stay connected with nature and with loving sentient beings outside the human species. Pets see us for ALL of who we are, they see our ‘best’ and ‘worst’ and love us regardless. Pets open our hearts in ways few humans can. Pets remind us to play, love and not take life too seriously. They keep us real and grounded … who picks up who’s poo here?

My real self development journey started with a horse. She transformed me. People did not inspire me to be a better person although a many told me I should and told what I should do. People did not inspire me to be more patient, mange my anger, heal my wounds and trauma, open my heart, be intuitive, be more confident, follow my own path, stop abandoning myself… no people did not inspire me to be a better person, a horse did!

We can learn a lot from out pets, whether you see them as your companions, child, baby, partner, mirror, guide, angel, confidant… they have a lot to teach us. If you would like to know what they are saying and how you can form a deeper connection with your pet. This course is for you.