Aligning with Pets

Pets have been my biggest teachers. They have taught me lessons that I may not have wanted to or been able to learn from humans – patience, compassion, tenderness, gentleness, forgiveness…

Pets are wholehearted mirrors – showing through their behaviour and actions, including misbehaviour, illness and accidents where and how we are in… or out of alignment. They also show us how we need to be or what we need to do, to become more aligned. Yes, if your cat or dog is toileting in your work shoes, you better ask yourself – Am I pissed off or shitty about work? They are that literal.

All consultations are a two-for-one – as when we realign what is out of alignment within ourselves … our pets also realign and get better. I want to make it clear these consultations are more about you than your pet, so if you are not going to take responsibility for your part in this relationship, I loving say – these consultations are not for you. I also wish to add – responsibility is NOT blame, shame or guilt – just honesty.

(Note: Aligning with Pets may be known to you previously as Healthy People Have Healthy Pets)

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