REALigning SELF Sessions

It agree it can sound naf, however my dream really is in guiding you to fulfil your dreams. For you to live an empowered and esteemed life. Where you get to live a life aligned with you, rather than everyone else.

We all need guidance, confirmation or validation at times, especially in assisting with the BIG decisions. These sessions guide in connecting you with YOUR own guidance or affirming your guidance. How you can best realign with your life and intuitive skills. Or, using the overused fishing analogy: these sessions are about guiding you how to fish, or showing your where to find your fish, rather than giving you a fish.

These sessions can be used to guide you in:

  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Align with or change situations you are finding challenging
  • Point you in the right direction so you can realign with your life choices
  • Realign relationships – with yourself and/or others
  • Help you take the ‘leap’
  • Guidance or confirmation

Mapping your Intuitive Senses

Utilising various tools such as Astrology, Human Design and Gene Keys, get a mapping of YOUR intuitive abilities. Identifying the unique mix and the various types of intuition you were born with and designed to utilise.

Realigning with Pets – Healthy people have healthy pets

Animals have been my greatest teachers, showing me things about myself I could never receive from a person. They have taught me patience, self acceptance, power, truth, compassion, tenderness, gentleness, forgiveness…

Our pets are wholehearted mirrors, showing us through their behaviour and actions, including misbehaviour, illness and accidents, where and how we are in, or out, of alignment. And yes they can be very literal – if your cat or dog is toileting in your work shoes, you better ask yourself – Am I (and thus they) pissed off or shitty about work?

All consultations are a two-for-one, as when we realign what is out of alignment within ourselves … our pets also realign and get better.

I want to make it clear these consultations are more about YOU than your pet, so if you are not going to take responsibility for your part in this relationship, I loving say – these consultations are not for you. I also wish to add – responsibility is NOT blame, shame or guilt – just honesty.

If you would like to book a consultation with me, either call 0424 027 810 or contact me via below.