Angela Anderson
Angela Anderson

A bit about…

Many ask questions. Some ask a lot! Questions I most commonly ask are:
– How can I make things easier?
– Is it true?
– Who or what can I trust?
– How can I make things better?
– What else might be possible?

I like simple. Yes I like complex too, but I like to make it simple.

I found small simple changes done daily have influenced my life, health and wellbeing, far more than once-off grand changes. Although big changes have been life changing, the small daily ‘habits’ slowly eroded the benefits when I was not really aligned with the changes.

Many of my ‘problems’ and ‘issues’ came from giving too much focus, authority and energy everyone else and what was ‘outside’. Giving into my thinking and others doing what they way while my heart, gut and intuition are quietly screaming “no!”

Empowerment, vitality and success has comes from being aligned with what I am doing. Saying no to treatments and processes that I have not felt aligned with, despite the fear and pressure of others. Learning to listen, follow and trust my our own intuition and inner authority.

My objective: To guide and empower you to find your own answers and guidance so you can make the decisions best aligned for and with you.


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