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Angela Anderson
Angela Anderson

My mission: To guide and empower you to develop trust in your own answers and guidance, so you can navigate your life and make empowered choices that align with the truth of who you are.

A bit about…

Many ask questions. Some ask a lot!

Questions like:
– Who am I?
– What am I here to do?
– How can I make things easier?
– Is it true?
– Who or what can I trust?
– How can I make things better?
– What else might be possible?

From experience Angela has learnt that learning to follow and trust your intuition can be both life saving and empowering.

Overcoming or learning to accept food sensitives, mystery symptoms, burnout and various health and energy issues, being curious has been essential in regaining a sense of vitality and self.

Developing faith in her inner guidance and intuition has not just been helpful it has proved life saving.

From life experience Angela says it is not so much a matter of what you do – it is that you are aligned with what you are doing.


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